Welcome to ujjainonwheels.com. We are stationed in Ujjain to provide food & services at your place anywhere in Ujjain. At present it is accessible through social media ,web and Mobile only.

"No matter how much we know, there’s always room to grow."

"As an entrepreneur, I would like to say that everything has a price. Whether I like it not, be it to drink that fifth cup of coffee, pop something in my mouth or choose a certain kind of work over another kind of work. If you can live your life recognising what something cost and ask yourself at every step of the way whether you are willingly to pay those cost. This allows you to think more consciously in sync with the things which matters the most. Sometimes this means you fall into bed exhausted. But it also means you're in charge of the choices you make."



Our mission is “To provide best in class quality services in UJJAIN CITY. We are pledged to give our valued assurance to our valuable customers.”


Our vision is “To add new edges to your hard earned money to make you feel good & comfortable.” We are making a ground to build new relations which you will carry to your whole life or making a name which you can trust upon generations after generations, because we believe in building relations for life. 

By using this platform we are trying to BUILD PRECIOUS RELATIONS BEYOND MONEY.

We are committed to give new & best quality of food & services to our customers at their doorstep.

We build relations for life.