• Post-Pregnancy Dryfruit Laddoo's

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    Turns out that the new mother is almost as vulnerable, just as when she was expecting and requires good care and a wholesome diet. Traditionally in India, new mothers are offered certain foods during the first forty days after childbirth to gain strength and nourishment, and one such treat is the famous ‘Gondh ka Laddoo' or 'Post Pregnancy Laddoo's '.

    Made with edible gum(gondh), desi ghee, sugar, raisins and a whole lot of chunky nuts and dry fruits; the gondh ka ladoo (or gondh ka laddu) is high in calories and is required to meet the extra calories needed by a new mother while she is breastfeeding the new-born, A powerful pack of dry fruits making a great snack to give you boost in energy and keep fatigue at bay. Dry fruit laddu are specially prepared for pregnant women and new moms. It is good for nursing mother and also increases feed for the baby. Anybody can have these laddu as a good source of health, Made with only natural ingredients. No additives of any form are used. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are used. Filled with medicinal properties it helps regain the vitality of New mother and improve breastfeeding.